Welcome to Hoops Scientist!

Thank you for checking out Hoops Scientist!  On this site, we’ll research and analyze NBA trends and observations using visual analytics as the primary tool.  Some initial topics that are in the works include:

Career Shooting Arc — a look at how much players improve their field goal percentages and if there are similar characteristics among those that improve.

NBA Draft Trends — historical view of the NBA draft that will try to identify trends between draft position and various measures including shooting percentages, position, all-star appearances, and titles.

Value of Hustle Plays:  A Case Study of Marcus Smart — players like Smart that make many “winning plays”, but may have negative value in areas such as shooting, are difficult to place a value on.  Here we’ll investigate how players (and teams) scoring high in hustle plays correlate to winning.

The Brad Stevens Offensive System — since Brad Stevens took over the coaching job for Boston Celtics, guards have consistently succeeded in his system.  From Jordan Crawford to Isaiah Thomas to Terry Rozier, guards seem to outperform expectations under his offensive scheme.  This will be a deep dive into the offensive system and compare it to other teams and league averages.

If you have any ideas you’d like researched, please reach out to the Hoops Scientist at hoopsscientist@gmail.com.